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Persephone was the Goddess of spring (daughter of Demeter and Zeus). Hades (the God of the underworld) took a liking to Persephone and decided he wanted her for his wife, so he cracked a hole in the earth and dragged her down into the underworld, where he tried to seduce her and make him love him. But all she could do was pine for the life and light above, refusing to eat or drink. Meanwhile her mother Demeter, pined horribly at the loss of her daughter and the earth began to perish and die. Zeus realizing that something must be done, talked with Helios, God of the sun, who told Zeus that he had seen Hades kidnap Persephone.

Demeter and Zeus demanded that Hades release their daughter. But there was a catch, if any person living or dead should consume food while in the underworld they are to stay there for all eternity. Unfortunately Hades had convinced Persephone to drink from a pomegranate and she'd consumed 6 seeds, thus condemning her to the underworld, and Hades claimed her as his Queen. But, Zeus refused to accept this fate and insisted they come to an arrangement or else a battle would ensue, he professed she should spend six months in the Underworld with Hades for the six seeds she had swallowed, and six months on the earth above. Hades agreed.

Whenever Persephone returned to the world above, the earth began to grow and thrive (spring and summer). But when she returned for 6 months to Hades and the world below, the earth once again began to perish (autumn and winter). Thus this is the myth of the seasons!


This was actually shot in the bowels of a castle dungeon, the castle is over 1000 years old, but theses dungeons are thought to be over 3000 years old, maybe more! It was a very eerie place to shoot, with light coming in through the strangest places, but it was mostly pitch black dark with water dripping from the incredibly high ceilings and echoing all around us in the dark. At times it felt like the whole place would cave in on top of us. I loved it! (I can't tell you where it was shot, as we weren't meant to be there!)


Model/concept/location/lighting/post processing/pose/direction = myself.

Photography by my Husband David Charles :heart:

Stop Art Theft Stamp by KenSaunders

Not stock, do not use for anything.
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